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Application Form for Rental Suite

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* Rental suite located at (include address and upper, lower, whole home):

The Landlord Acknowledges the Confidentiality of This Document
Only fully completed applications will be considered.

A copy of all applicants valid driver’s licenses must be submitted following the succesful completion of this application.

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* If this application is for a rental that is in a home where there is more than one unit, the applicant acknowledges and understands that in a home where there is more than one dwelling unit that sound will transfer to other other unit from them, and from the other unit into their unit. This may include but is not limited to sounds of water in plumbing pipes, foot steps, voices, music and sounds from pets. Summit Pacific Properties has made every effort to make our properties as sound proof as possible by using resilient sound bar, insulation, donna conna and 5/8" thick drywall. Even with all these additional steps, it is not possible to stop all sound from transferring. The applicant also acknowledges that the lease will include items and responsibilities to help reduce the sound transfer within the house.

Do you acknowledge the possibility of sound transfer and responsibility to help reduce the sound transfer within the house?