1. Did you receive a prompt and friendly response when making your appointment?

2. Please rate the convenience of our location.

3. Was the front desk and lounge comfortable and presentable?

4. Did the concierge staff immediately greet you with a smile?

5. Was the wait time reasonably expected?

6. Was your treatment room was neat and serene? 
OR, Was your time in the salon fun and relaxing?
OR, Was your time with the physician's and their staff pleasant and helpful?

7. Did your provider represent Spa Renaissance in a professional manner?

8. Did your provider educate you on your treatment, identify your goals and listen to your thoughts?

9. Did your provider suggest products or services that would help further achieve your goals?

10. Were you satisfied with the explanation of charges?

11. Did your provider suggest a follow-up date for your next appointment.

12. How would you describe your check-out experience?

13. Were the other building areas neat and clean? (ie. boutique, bathrooms, doorway, etc.)

14. What could we improve?

15. How was your overall experience at Spa Renaissance and/or Renaissance Plastic Surgery?

16. Can we use your review above on for marketing purposes?

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