Hi there! Here are some questions that will help us understand how to improve remo. We thank you a lot for your help!

Question Title

* 1. Have you tried remo?

Question Title

* 2. How's been your experience with remo? what do you think of it?
Honest feedback is totally welcome and encouraged

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* 3. How would you use remo or what would you use it for? please feel free to say "I'd never use it"!

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* 4. What you don't like about remo?
What would you improve or do differently?

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* 5. How useful do you find different aspects of remo for your Computer Vision work? This will help prioritise features to develop or improve

useful if improved upon

won't use it

not very useful

somewhat useful

very useful

extremely useful
Datasets management
Annotations management
Annotation tool
Integration with code
Model performance analysis (predictions vs ground truth exploration)
Use remo as an external server
Send data to external annotators (future feature)
Support for videos (future feature)
Search for data on public datasets (future feature)
Support for NLP data (future feature)

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* 6. We are deciding on the future of remo.

We would like to keep it mostly open access, but we would like to have a premium paid version to at least pay our expenses and possibly redistribute part of the profits to the AI community to fund research.

Which of these features you would be interesed in as a premium feature, if any?
Assume a price range of 200$ to 500$ / person for now.

  Not interested Limited interest Somewhat interested Very interested
team collaboration and cloud deployment
link remo to your private cloud storage data
embed parts of Remo in your applications
faster databases
support for Docker
support for multi-annotators teams
predictions validation workflow