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If you instructor is offering extra credit for taking the survey and you have already taken it, write a short description of the study and tur it in for the extra credit.

1. Statement of Purpose: You are invited to participate in a study investigating the relationship between personality, religious beliefs, and drug and alcohol use. You must be at least 18 years old or older to participant.

2. Description, Including Risks and Benefits: If you agree to participate, you will click yes on this consent form and complete four surveys. You will be completing published surveys that ask you to identify your personality traits, your religious beliefs, and your use of drugs or alcohol. Risks may include discomfort as you think about and respond to the personal questions in the survey. If you consent, you may choose not to answer some question, or you may stop the survey at any time. If you have concerns about responding to questions in any of the areas mentioned, we ask that you do not participate. Benefits include an increase in knowledge in the area of personality, religiosity, and substance abuse and opportunity to learn about the research process firsthand.

3. Time Involvement and Payments: Your participation in this research will take no longer than 45 minutes. We are not providing any compensation for participation. If instructors are offering credit for participating, we ask that they allow for other means of obtaining class credit (other scheduled assignments or a specific alternate assignment) for those who don’t wish to participate.

4. Debriefing: At the end of the study, there will be an explanation of our purpose and hypotheses. If you are interested in the results of the study, email the researcher at

5. Confidentiality: Your data will contain no personally-identifiable information, and will therefore be anonymous. In addition, the IP address of your computer will not be logged in the data file. In any written reports or publications, no individual other than the researchers will be identified, and only anonymous data will be presented. Any printouts or any electronic files containing raw data will be stored in a locked cabinet for a period of 10 years, and then destroyed.

6. Statement that Participation Is Voluntary: Your participation is completely voluntary. If you decide to participate, you are also free to discontinue participation at any time by closing the survey window.

7. Persons to Contact: If you have questions about your rights as a study participant, or are dissatisfied at any time with any aspect of this study, please contact Timothy Kavanaugh (, faculty sponsor Julie Bauer Morrison, PhD (623.845.4761,, or the chair of the GCC College Research Review Committee and member of the Maricopa Community College District Institutional Review Board, Ladonna Lewis, PhD (623.845.3645,

8. Indicating Informed Consent: Please select YES below if you are at least 18 years of age and have decided to participate. Choosing yes indicates only that you have read the information provided above. Choosing yes does not obligate you to participate, and you may withdraw from the study at any time without consequence by simply closing out the survey window. By choosing YES, you are not giving up any legal rights.

* 1. Select YES if you agree to complete the study now. If you choose to exit the survey before completing it, we ask that you do not take it again. Once you have submitted a complete survey, we ask that you do not take it again.