Investigator(s): William Bellew, Brendan Ito, Katherine Aumer Ph.D

This study attempts to better understand compersion in monogamous and non-monogamous relationships

Those agreeing to participate can expect the following to occur:

You will be asked to take a survey that contains questions about your relationships and how you would feel in certain relationship circumstances.

There are no physical risks in participating in this study, but depending on your own personal comfort, you may feel some emotional discomfort disclosing information about yourself. If for any reason you discover you may need to see professional help regarding any issues that this survey may have invoked, we can refer you to HPU’s counseling services and if you are not affiliated with HPU, you are welcome to look for an appropriate psychologist at:

There will be no personal, monetary, or compensatory benefit for participating in this study. However it is hoped that in the future, society could benefit from this study by informing us on the nature of compersion in individuals and relationships

There will not be any costs or compensation to participants for participating in this research project.

Records of participation in this research project will be maintained and kept confidential to the extent permitted by law. However, federal government regulatory agencies and the Hawai’i Pacific University IRB may inspect and copy a subject's records pertaining to the research, and these records may contain personal identifiers. All data will be identified only by participant numbers (4 digit code provided by you). In the event of any report or publication from this study, the identity of subjects will not be disclosed. Results will be reported in a summarized manner in such a way that subjects cannot be identified.

All participation is voluntary. There is no penalty to anyone who decides not to participate. Nor will anyone be penalized if he or she decides to stop participation at any time during the research project.

Questions are encouraged. Questions about your rights as research subjects or research related injury may be addressed to the IRB Chair ( Questions about this research project may be addressed to William Bellew (781-556-1558 or

* 1. By clicking OK, you agree that you have read and understood the purpose of the study and the extent of your participation and that you are 18 or older. And you consent to your participation (which can be stopped at anytime) and allow your answers to be used for research purposes.