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Regulations: 06 - Evaluation Cycle; 07 Evaluation Report;  and 09 Data Submission

The Office of Leadership Development and School Improvement is in the process of improving the teacher and principal evaluation system in Maryland. Revisions to the regulations focus on improving the professional practice domains and student growth measures for the teacher and principal evaluation system. 

The purpose of the survey is gather information on the proposed draft regulations for the teacher principal evaluation system. Draft regulations have been shared with stakeholder groups around the state to allow participants an opportunity to provide feedback and input. All information in this survey will be confidential and will only be used to improve the draft regulations. 

For more information read Regulation 06Regulation 07, and Regulation 09. Please contact Edmund Mitzel, Executive Director, with any questions at

Thank you.

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* 3. Regulation .06 - A. The Evaluation Cycle shall include: 
(1) Orientation - Teachers and school-based administrators shall be provided with an overview of the evaluation process. This includes sharing the evaluation rubric, evidence collection, growth measures, evaluation timeline and process, and the evaluation appeal process.
(2) Goal Setting - Teachers and school-based administrators shall be provided the opportunity to reflect on their professional practice in alignment with standards to identify areas of focus for the school year and establish performance goals in collaboration with their supervisor. 
(3) Formal evaluation - Teachers and school-based administrators shall be observed a minimum of two times during the school year by a qualified observer. Observers must assess items Band D in Chapter 5 of this regulation.
(4) Final Evaluation - Teachers and school based administrators shall be provided with the summative rating in their final evaluation that is a composite of the professional practice and student growth measures. Evaluations will be based on all of the comments set forth in regulation .05 of this chapter.

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* 4. Regulation .06 B. Tenured teachers shall be evaluated once annually in the following ways:

(1) In the first year of tenure tenured teachers shall be evaluated on both professional practice and student growth;

(2) If in the first year  a tenured teacher receives a highly effective or effective rating for professional practice, then in the second year of the evaluation cycle the tenured teacher shall be evaluated using the professional practice rating from the previous year and the student growth based on the most recent available data;

 (3) At the beginning of the [fourth] third year, the evaluation cycle shall begin again as described in §B(1)—(2) of this regulation; and

(4) In any year, a principal may determine or a tenured teacher may request that the evaluation be based on a new review of professional practice along with student growth.

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* 5. Regulation .06 C. Non-tenured Teachers and Teachers Rated as developing or Ineffective. All non-tenured teachers and all teachers rated as ineffective shall be evaluated annually on student growth and professional practice.

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* 6. Regulation .06 D. Principals. Every principal shall be evaluated at least once annually based on all of the components set forth in Regulations .04 and .05 of this chapter.

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* 7. Regulation .07 
A. The evaluation report shall be shared with the teacher or school-based administrator who is the subject of the evaluation.

B. The teacher or school-based administrator shall receive a copy of and sign the evaluation report.

C. The signature, hard copy or electronic, of the teacher or school-based administrator is for the purpose of acknowledging receipt only.

D. An evaluation report shall provide a summative rating, actionable feedback, and optional comments by the individual being evaluated. 

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* 8. Regulation .09 
A.    Local school systems must submit summative ratings for all teachers and principals annually to the Maryland State Department of Education following the procedures in the Teacher and Principal Evaluation Manual.

B.     The deadlines for submission of teacher and principal files are as follows:
       1. The teacher file submission window opens on the last Friday of June.     
          Teacher data are to be submitted by the last Friday of July.

      2. The principal file submission window opens on second Friday of August.
          Principal data are to be submitted by the second Friday of September.

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* 9. (3) The summative rating is the composite of the whole school measure and professional practice measures assigned by a principal supervisor. School-level administrators will earn an overall rating of highly effective, effective, developing, or ineffective. 


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