You are our guest to be part of the 100 Open Startups Movement and the new generation of future protagonists!

To be part of this process, follow the steps below:

1) Fill out the form below. Do it now before your invitation expires, it takes less than 3 minutes!

2) You will receive a batch of up to 10 startups projects closest to your areas of interest and expertise for evaluation and feedback. Each assessment takes around 5 minutes (trust us!).

3) At the end of each batch, you can order new batches until there are no more startups in your area. Each new batch you receive will consist of startups better evaluated by other executives. That is, the more projects you evaluate, the better the projects that you'll be receiving.

The 30 most engaged evaluators will be invited to be part of Startups Review board on the Innovation Capital of their interest. This panel is made ​​up of investors and senior executives of large companies.

The 10 most engaged evaluators will receive complimentary tickets to attend the 9th Open Innovation Week in Sao Paulo and will have access to events that will bring together the Top 100 Open Startups of the program.

Watch and spread our video about why you should engage evaluating startups: