Thank you for submitting your systematic review protocol details for registration on PROSPERO. We would really appreciate your feedback on the registration form and process to help us further develop the registration form and website.

The questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes to complete. A free text box for your comments and suggestions is provided at the end.

Please note that all responses are anonymous, so if you would like a reply to a particular issue, please include your contact details in the questionnaire. Alternatively you can contact the PROSPERO team directly at

1. How would you rate the ease of navigating around the registration form?

2. How useful did you find the supporting materials such as the guidance and the references and resources?

  Helpful Not helpful Not aware of Aware of but did not use
Information provided within the registration form
Information provided via the PROSPERO home page

3. In general, how relevant were the registration fields to the systematic review protocol you were registering?

4. If you had any problems deciding what information to enter in which field, please describe the problems.

5. How useful did you find the following technical facilities within the registration form?

  Useful Not useful Did not use this facility Unaware of this facility
Highlighting of Required fields
'Save' button on each page
'Validate this page' facility
Ability to print a copy of the form
Ability to upload pdf of search strategy
Ability to upload pdf of protocol

6. How useful would you find it to be able to do the following?

  Very useful Useful Not useful
Save a draft form as a pdf file
Save a draft form as a document that could be edited in word processing software
Save the submitted form as a pdf file
Save the submitted form as a document that could be edited in word processing software

7. How long did it take you to complete the registration form?

8. Overall, how do you rate your experience of registering your systematic review protocol on PROSPERO?

9. If you have any further comments or suggestions please make them here (include your contact details if you require a response). Alternatively you can email us directly at

Thank you for giving us your valuable feedback.
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