* 1. These are RefWorks features I learned about at today's session (select all that apply):

* 2. How confident do you feel in being able to use the following RefWorks features? (Select all that apply)

  Very Confident Confident Not Confident
Importing records into my RefWorks database
Manually adding citations to my RefWorks database
Changing the view of the references in the RefWorks display
How to globally change a field in my RefWorks database
Sharing references
Write-N-Cite (using Word)

* 3. How helpful were the exercises as a learning tool for the RefWorks features covered?

  Very Helpful Helpful Somewhat Helpful Not Helpful
Exercise 1: Create Refworks account/Create folder
Exercise 2: Import references into RefWorks
Exercise 3: Using Write-N-Cite

* 4. What suggestions do you have, if any, that would make the exercises more useful?

* 5. What was the most useful RefWorks feature you learned about this class?

* 6. What was the least useful (if any) RefWorks feature I learned about this class?

* 7. Did this class meet your expectations?

* 8. Do you have any questions that were not answered during the class? If so, please include your contact information so that we can respond to you.