Please consider answering this short anonymous survey to help us continue to improve Recon@UVa. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

* 1. How would you rate the ease of use for the following?

  Excellent Good Neutral Needs Work Poor N/A
Recon@UVa System - Overall
- Assigning Alternates
- Reviewing Accounts
- Electronic Signature
Recon@UVa Website - Overall
- Help
- System Access
Recon@UVa Training - Overall
- Lecture hall classes
- In-house sessions
- Workshops

* 2. During "In House" session we have discussed the idea of scanning supporting documentation such as receipts, etc. Please provide feedback:

  Yes Neutral No
This is a good idea for our office
We have the equipment necessary to scan
We would participate if this were a voluntary option

* 3. We've received the following recommendations for changes to the Recon@UVa system. Please rate them in importance:

  Most Important - 1 2 3 4 5 6 Least Important - 7
More Rows per Page
Ability to Search by PI and/or Approver
Subtotals/Totals (by Expenditure Type, etc.)
Exporting Report Information
Alternates with Restrictions (No Signature, No Salary, By Task, etc.)
More Options on Managing by Task
Extend Access to Recon@UVa Detail for Longer than 3 Months

* 4. Please share any recommendations or comments you have regarding Recon@UVa. As this is an anonymous survey, questions may be directed to or please provide your email id with your question in the box below.

* 5. What is your length of service at UVa?

* 6. Which employee type best describes your position?