In the space below we’ve suggested a number of possible topics/streams for the Recharge 2020 Conference, which will be held in Canmore, April 16-18, 2020! How well do these map onto your interests? We’ll use your response to help design the event (conference strands, and pre- and post- conference full day workshops, etc.).

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* 1. How well do these topics map onto your interests?

  This is exactly what I need! Looks interesting, I might participate Meh - Not that interested Nope, not for me
Now, more than ever: Critical thinking in an age of polarization
Alberta’s energy system: moving to sustainability through energy education
Place-based environmental education
Mastering outdoor education for all ages
How to stay positive and hopeful in an age of environmental distress
Galvanizing environmental stewardship through the arts
Education to advance reconciliation with Indigenous citizens - and with nature
Environmental issues viewed through the lens of social justice
How to link green infrastructure to green learning
Connecting education to the Sustainable Development Goals
Climate change education for adult audiences
Building a stronger foundation: organizational development to enhance your programs and demonstrate impact  
Linking environmental and climate education to your curriculum
Advancing biodiversity and watershed conservation education
Advancing sustainability education in pre-service teacher programs
Linking climate action to community plans and initiatives
Empowering students through environmental action
Tackling everyday resource use (energy, water, waste) in the classroom
Using technology to advance environmental and energy learning
Tackling complex environmental problems through big picture systems thinking
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