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* 1. On an average weekday, how many hours do you spend watching television?

* 2. What time of day do you spend watching the most television?

* 3. What type of programming do you watch most often?

* 4. Have you ever watched a reality television show?

* 5. Please check any or all of the reality shows that you have watched.

* 6. I enjoy watching reality television.

* 7. I enjoy trying to guess what will happen on reality television shows.

* 8. Watching reality television makes me feel better about myself.

* 9. When I watch reality TV shows, I get so involved that I don't want to change the channel.

* 10. I like watching reality TV because I can see how people really act on television.

* 11. I like being able to talk about reality TV shows with people I know.

* 12. I like reality television because it puts me in a good mood.

* 13. I hate when I miss an episode of a popular reality show and everyone's talking about it.

* 14. I find myself talking to people more frequently because of reality TV.

* 15. I only watch reality television to discuss what happened on the show with other people.

* 16. I like watching reality television because I can relate to the participants.

* 17. When I watch more than two episodes of a reality show, I feel like I know the people on the show.

* 18. If I talk about reality television with others, we sometimes get into an argument about the show.

* 19. Watching reality television makes me want to be on a reality show one day.

* 20. I enjoy watching reality television with other people.

* 21. Are you Male or Female?

* 22. What is your age?

* 23. What is your ethnic background?