Trauma-Informed Care Consortium (TICC) of Central Texas

Your organization has been selected by the Trauma-Informed Care Consortium (TICC) of Central Texas to complete the following organizational readiness assessment.   Whether your organization, school, or agency is trauma-informed, wants to be trauma-informed, or even if it is outside the mission of the work that is provided, we need your input! Your participation in this survey will help us understand the continuum of where agencies stand. This will also help us understand the unique strengths of organizations in our community.  It is very important that you select one person from your organization, agency, or school to complete this survey. Please keep in mind that if you are part of a statewide or national organization, you are only answering questions for your local Central Texas office. 
This survey will take you 10-15 minutes to complete and will ask specific questions about your agency, school or organization. Please complete this survey by Tuesday, December 20th. Thank you for your participation, your input is a valuable aspect of assessing trauma in our community.