Juneau Empire Readers' Choice Awards Survey 2018

Welcome to the 8th Annual Readers' Choice Awards! Nominate your favorite businesses or services and show your support of our local market.

The Juneau Empire, along with our sponsors, is very excited about offering the community another chance to voice their opinions on the "best of the best" in the Juneau area. As in past years, only local companies will be allowed to compete in this survey. (sorry Netflix, Amazon, Ebay).

Have you have ever wondered who has the best hamburgers in town? Or maybe you need advice on which mechanic to choose. Now, you will know what the community knows.

It's up to the community to nominate candidates they feel fit the following categories. This means sometimes people or businesses will be nominated in categories that perhaps they don't quite fit. Please make sure to spend a little more time with your submissions to make sure they fit the particular category you are nominating them for.

Question Title

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