About the Survey

This stakeholder survey on Open Educational Resources (OER) is being conducted in the framework of the Regional Consultations for the 2nd World OER Congress. The objective of this survey is to understand the level of awareness and involvement of stakeholders in use and adaptation of OER. The findings of the survey will contribute to the Global OER Report, which will be made available at the 2nd World OER Congress in September 2017.

  • Open Educational Resources (OER) are any educational resource that may be freely accessed, copied, reused, adapted and shared and which are available under an open licence or are in the public domain for use without paying licensing fees. OER can include lecture notes, slides, lesson plans, textbooks, handouts given to students, videos, online tutorials, podcasts, diagrams, entire courses, and any other material designed for use in teaching and learning.
  • An Open Licence is a licence that allows copyrighted materials to be used, adapted and redistributed without additional permission from the copyright holder. The best-known open licences are the Creative Commons licences, which provide legal mechanisms to ensure that people retain copyright over and acknowledgement for their work while allowing it to be shared under the terms and conditions of their choice.
  • Public Domain refers to materials for which the copyright has expired or whose author has relinquished the copyright.

The Regional Consultations for the 2nd World OER Congress: Background Paper sets the stage for the project.

We thank you warmly for taking time to complete this survey and for your co-operation.
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