In early 2017, Columbia Public Schools will open a new facility that will bring together our Early Childhood Special Education, Parents as Teachers, and Preschool programs. A committee was formed to begin the process of developing names for the facility. The committee’s work has focused on the Mission and Values that were developed for the combined programs.

Our Mission:
To inspire and support the development of early learning for young children. 

Our Values:
1.  We recognize the value of parents and families as essential partners in providing for a child’s success in school and in life.

2.  We affirm and embrace the unique qualities of all children and families.

3.  We engage in high quality, evidence based curricular experiences which balance purposeful play and teacher guided instruction. 

We would like to have your feedback. The committee has recommended the three names included with the survey..  Each name would be followed by (Creating foundations for early learners) 

Thank you for your feedback.

Question Title

* 1. Please rank the facility names in order of your preference 1-3.

  1 2 3
Columbia Public Schools Community Early Learning Center – North
Columbia Public Schools Center for Young Children and Families – North
Columbia Public Schools Center for Early Learning – North