UIC Global Network of Railway Talents - Mentoring survey

RAILWAY TALENTS is an initiative of the UIC that will redefine the sense of what’s possible for talent development and virtual working in the global rail industry. It will prepare a new generation of railway talents working on domestic and international challenges. Initial projects include developing (virtual) mentorship in the railway industry and international mentorships within the Talent network to foster success in rail careers.

We request your input into investigation of the types of mentoring programs currently on offer and whether there are employees who would like to participate in the UIC TALENT Mentoring program. Your views are greatly appreciated and so we have designed a survey that will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

* 1. About you and your organisation

* 2. Does your company have any formal mentoring schemes?
A formal mentoring scheme is a program organised and developed by the company. Often participants are selected by managers and matched with another employee to help them learn particular aspects of the company business.

* 3. What is the target group for mentoring schemes in your company or organisation?
There may be more than one target group.

* 4. Your personal experience....
Have you ever applied for a mentor or to be a mentee before?

* 5. Were you selected?

* 6. Who is in charge of developing the mentoring programs?

* 7. Are their clear rules for eligibility of mentors and mentees in the mentoring program?

* 8. How do employees get to know about the mentoring programs in your company?

* 9. What do you think are the success factors of formal mentoring programs?

* 10. What are the limiting factors in company’s ability to develop and make these schemes successful?

* 11. Is there assistance for managers to enable them to implement a successful mentoring programs?

* 12. Is there assistance for mentees in formal mentoring programs?

* 13. What components should be included in a mentoring program? List one or more of the following choices

* 14. Does informal mentoring occur in your organisation?
Informal mentoring is when employees organise their own mentor or a trusted person from whom they can seek workplace or personal advice.

* 15. In regard to needs based or informal mentoring, should companies consider the following?

* 16. What drives employees to informal mentoring either as a mentoring or mentee?
A mentor is the person offering the assistance whereas the mentee is the person seeking assistance.

* 17. Would you be interested in taking part in the TALENT mentoring scheme as a:

* 18. Please provide your name and email if you want to be involved in the TALENT mentoring scheme: