Race the Castles Participants' Survey

Would you mind spending a few minutes answering questions about your participation in the Race the Castles event.  This survey incorporates the Economic Impact Survey for Homecoming Scotland 2014, our principal sponsors.

* 1. Whereabouts do you live?

* 2. If overseas, please state which country.

* 3. If from the UK, please enter your postcode

* 4. How many adults and children (under 16) in your group?

* 5. How many days/races did you attend as part of Race the Castles?

* 6. Where did you stay whilst attending Race the Castles?  Tick one box, or more than one if appropriate.

* 7. If Other, please specify

* 8. Where is the accommodation located?

* 9. How many nights did you stay in the accommodation?

* 10. How much did you spend (£) on staying in your accommodation?

* 11. If travelling around Scotland on this visit, how many additional days / nights did you spend in other areas of Scotland (i.e., not including Q9).

* 12. How much do you think your entire trip to Scotland cost (£) (excluding travel to Scotland)?

NOW  SKIP  Q.13  AND  GO  TO  Q.14

* 13. If staying at home, how much did you spend (£) on yourself / group as participants in Race the Castles in the following categories?

* 14. Are you aware of Homecoming Scotland 2014? 

IF  "NO",  PLEASE  GO  TO  Q.20

* 15. Before attending Race the Castles, were you aware that it was part of the year of Homecoming Scotland 2014?

IF  "NO",  PLEASE  GO  TO  Q.20

* 16. Where did you hear about Homecoming Scotland 2014.  Tick all that apply.

* 17. If Other, please specify.

* 18. Have you attended or do you anticipate attending any other Homecoming 2014 events?

* 19. If Yes, how many events?

* 20. How satisfied were you with the overall experience at Race the Castles?

* 21. Please give reasons for your answer to Q.20 if you wish.

* 22. How important was the Race the Castles event in your decision to visit Scotland?

* 23. Generally, how important are the following factors to you when deciding to visit Scotland.  Tick one from each row or tick "Live in Scotland".

  Very important Quite important Neutral Not important Not at all important Live in Scotland
Homecoming Scotland 2014
To see scenery and wildlife
To experience history and culture
To visit family / friends
To watch sport
To participate in sport
To attend special events / celebrations
For business

* 24. At Race the Castles, did you like the commentary / screen / tracking package?  Brief comments welcome.

* 25. Did you watch the Elite Race at Race the Castles?  Did you find this an attractive part of the overall event?

* 26. Did you like the bulk-bought free T-shirt and goodie bag for all "full package" entrants, or would you rather have paid £1 less per race with the option to buy these goods?

* 27. Did the World Ranking Event status influence your decision to attend Race the Castles.  Please state whether you are an elite or non-elite runner.