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  • Rank selections from 1 up. 1 as the highest and most important to you, down to the least.
  • You should ONLY select day options and classes you can plan on running.
  • You will not be allowed to select the same ranking more than once. Selecting the same number again will remove your previous selection.
  • To ensure the integrity of your survey info, you will need to provide your Name and Email address for validation.

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Preferred Race Days

Rank the preferred race day options that you can and would be willing to race with 1 being the highest and most preferred.

*ONLY select schedule options you can commit to.

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Class Selections

Rank all classes that you are interested in running with 1 being the highest and most important.

*You ONLY need to select classes you plan to race.

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To complete the survey you must include your name and email address.

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