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Sept 17 - Oct 30, 2018

Your institution, via the B-On consortium, has access to over 1.700 journals and 14.500 eBooks (published between 2005-2009) from Springer Nature.

Answer just 4 questions to show your skill at using our SpringerLink platform.

Grand Prize: 1 e-Reader
Consolation Prizes (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th winners): Springer Nature bag with goodies

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-This quiz is related to eJournals and eBooks, available from your library.
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Springer Nature

Question Title

* 1. For the article “Electrospinning polypropylene with an amino acid as a strategy to bind the antimicrobial peptide Cys-LC-LL-37”, published in the ‘’Journal of Materials Science’’, which author is from Instituto de Biotecnologia e Bioengenharia (IBB)?
Hint: Copy and paste the provided article name into the “Search” box, then search. Click through the article, there is a list of Author Affiliations below the title.

Question Title

* 2. What is the complete title of an article by Portuguese authors, and published in the journal ‘’Intensive Care Medicine’’, which starts with “Adjuvant therapies in critical care: …” Authors: José Manuel Pereira, Thiago Lisboa, José-Artur Paiva? 
Hint: Click the “gear” symbol next to the “Search” box to go to “Advanced Search.” Insert “Acute Care Surgery” into the box under “where the title contains,” then search.

Question Title

* 3. What is the publishing date (month / year) of the article “Determinants of the income velocity of money in Portugal: 1891–1998” published in the ‘’Portuguese Economic Journal’’?
Hint: Copy and paste the provided article name into the “Search” box, then click in the result, the publishing date (month / year) can be found above the title of the article.

Question Title

* 4. Referring to the eBook chapter “Multi-UAV Experiments: Application to Forest Fires”, please fill in the blank below: “The experiments described in this Chapter were performed in the _____ (see Fig. 8.1) and the airfield of Lousã (Portugal) in May _____ and 2005.”
Hint: Copy and paste the article name provided into the “Search” box, then search. Click through the chapter, download chapter it, the answer can be found in paragraph 8.2 A Multi-UAV System for Forest Fire Applications.

Question Title

* 5. Contact Information