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Terms & Conditions

1. When did you last buy a mobile phone?

2. Which brand/model do you own?

3. Would you consider buying a used or second hand phone?

4. For whom did you buy it?

5. If you bought it for yourself, why did you buy it?

6. Today, how many mobile phones are there in your household?

7. Which of the following helped you decide which mobile phone to buy?

8. Which would you consider to be your ‘dream’ mobile phone and why?

9. When do you see yourself buying it?

10. What is the most important factor in choosing your next phone?

11. What is your most preferred input interface?

12. What do you use your mobile for?

13. If you use mobile internet, what sites do you often visit?

14. Have you used a mobile app? Which is the mobile app that you use most regularly?

15. How many hours on average do you spend on mobile internet (or apps) per day?

16. Please select the age group you belong to

17. Please select your gender

18. Which category would you say you belong to?

19. Which category do you visit most frequently on Quikr through the mobile or in general?

20. What was the last thing you bought or sold on Quikr through the mobile or in general?

21. Please enter your e-mail id

22. Please enter your mobile number