1. Quiet in parks and open spaces Brighton and Hove

Across our busy City we have many parks and open spaces for public use - providing benefits to residents and visitors alike. Brighton and Hove City council and Brighton based charity Environmental Protection UK are working towards finding open space that can be identified and designated as 'quiet areas' in terms of noise from road traffic, railways, aircraft and industry (environmental noise). (This is to meet the requirements of ongoing national and european obligations to identify and protect quiet open spaces. The work is funded by Defra, and supported by open spaces charity GreenSpace.
We want people who use our open spaces to help us identify quiet open space for protection from increases in the impact of environmental noise. If you enjoy our parks and open spaces, please fill in this short survey to help us work towards identifying and retaining peaceful outdoor areas for relaxation.

* 1. I am interested in parks and open spaces and quiet areas in Brighton and Hove because:

* 2. I am a member of a local community or friends group with an interest in local parks and open space

* 3. If you are a member of a local community or friends group with an interest in parks and open space, can you tell us which one?

* 4. Do you ever visit a local park or other public open space in Brighton and Hove to find peace and quiet?

* 5. What are your (up to four) main reasons for visiting open spaces in the City, where 1 is most important?

  reason 1 reason 2 reason 3 reason 4 N/A
connection with nature
escape from hustle/bustle
visual appeal
social or visual contact with people
33% of survey complete.