Thank you so much for your interest in attending the Queer Jews and Allies Conference at Hampshire College, Sunday December 4th 2011!

This free, day-long conference will offer workshops, panels, plays, and more, addressing the unique experiences of queer Jewish identities as they weave among spirituality, sexuality, secular culture, gender identity and expression, political perspectives and movements, and religious traditions. Register and submit workshop proposals to ensure all of our varied levels of understandings and diverse perspectives are able to be shared! This event welcomes all queer, gay, trans*, lesbian, and bisexual Jews and allies to learn, network, and create community in a safe, respectful, and accountable space.

Accessibility notes:
The conference will be primarily located within a wheelchair accessible building.
Kosher dairy and kosher vegan lunch and dinner will be provided for registered participants.
The conference schedule has been timed to best utilize the PVTA bus system.

* 1. Preferred Name:

* 2. Preferred Pronouns:

* 3. Email

* 4. Mailing Address

* 5. Do you have an organizational or school affiliation? If so, please list:

* 6. If you are in school, does your school have a Jewish Queer group? If your school does have such a group, what is its name, and does it have an email or webpage?

* 7. How did you hear about the Queer Jews and Allies Conference?

* 8. All food served at the Queer Jews and Allies Conference will be kosher dairy or kosher vegan food. Do you have other dietary needs that we should be aware of?

* 9. Do you have any accessibility needs we should be aware of, and if so, how can we best accommodate you? Please note: We may require two weeks advance notice to accommodate certain requests.

* 10. One of our evening entertainment options will be to attend God of Vengeance (by Donald Margulies), a modern adaptation of a Yiddish play by Sholem Asch. When this play premiered on Broadway in 1923, the cast was arrested on obscenity charges due to a lesbian kiss. This play questions ideas of Jewish ritual purity and tradition. This play is performed and directed by students.

* 11. Any other comments or questions?

Photography and Other Media Policy

1) Photographers will be clearly designated as such. If participants do not want photos that they are in to be published, they are asked to see a conference organizer or the photographer.
2) We will ask that all participants attach a colored sticker on their nametag that will signify if they are comfortable having their pictures taken for internal use, for external use, or not at all, and we will strive to respect this.
3) We will only publicly share photos in which participants have visual consent - meaning that they are clearly aware that their photo is being taken (i.e. smiling and looking at the camera).
4) We will not take photos or video in workshops.
5) Whenever possible, we let participants know if their image will be used in external publications.

Special thanks to the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program at Hampshire College for their help and advice in crafting this policy.

By submitting this registration form you agree to the Queer Jews and Allies Conference at Hampshire College Photography and Other Media Policy.
Thank you for registering for the Queer Jews and Allies Conference at Hampshire College on December 4, 2011! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at