1. School Success Survey

Dear Parents,

Thank you for participating in our QSI Suriname Climate Survey.  Please invite your children to help in this survey, and older children may answer for themselves.  Your anonymous information really helps us become a better school for you and your children.  You may fill out as many surveys as you want and survey THREE teachers for each survey. 

Question Title

* 2. When it comes the way my teacher runs the class…

  Strongly Disagree Somewhat disagree Agree More than agree Strongly Agree
My teacher listens to me.
My teacher gives me help when I need it.
Students are respectful to each other in my class.
I feel my teacher values me as a person.

Question Title

* 3. When it comes to school services...

  Not Satisfied Somewhat unsatisfied Satisfied More than satisfied Very Satisfied
After School Clubs and Programs
Hot Lunch Service
Field Trips and Excursions
Athletic Programs and Competitions
Evening Events for Families
Parent Teacher Meetings
Music and Holiday Programs

Question Title

* 4. When it comes to support staff and administration...

  Not at all Needs improvement Good enough Better than average Excellent
Do you feel your school is safe?
Do you feel the office staff are polite and helpful?
Do you receive newsletters and updates regularly?
Has financial information been clear and easy to understand?
How easy is it to understand our curriculum site? (www.curriculum.qsi.org)
Do you feel the Success Orientations are well understood?
Has the director been available and easy to talk to?
Do you feel good about our school website? (www.qsi.org/suriname/srm/)

Question Title

* 5. Did we miss anything?