Baltimore National Heritage Area: Heritage Neighborhood Program

The Baltimore National Heritage Area's Heritage Neighborhood Program collects information on historical, cultural and natural resources to preserve and promote the history of the neighborhoods within the heritage area. The goal is to connect residents and visitors to the stories and history that makes each neighborhood unique. The continuity between heritage neighborhoods and the BNHA's interpretive themes will in-turn build a sense of community, improving the quality of life for residents in your neighborhood.

* 1. What is the name of your neighborhood organization?

* 2. BNHA has four interpretive themes that capture the importance and meaning of Baltimore's history. Which do you believe your neighborhood's heritage most identifies with? (check all that apply)

* 3. How do you send out information about your neighborhood news and events?

* 4. Are you interested and/or open to visitors in your heritage neighborhood?

* 5. Do you have annual events in your community that are relevant to your history?

* 6. Do you have a centralized open space where your neighborhood can gather?

* 7. What are the cultural, historic and natural resources in your heritage neighborhood? (You can use the BNHA searchable database to find local and federally designated landmarks.)

* 8. What events in history do you deem as important to your neighborhood's heritage?

* 9. What or who is your neighborhood named after?

* 10. Have you ever visited Fort McHenry?

* 11. Is your neighborhood majority owner-occupied, rental-occupied, or both?

* 12. Your information