2018 Parker Wright Customer Service Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. At the end of the survey, please enter your email address so that we can make the survey results available to you during 2018, as a significant number of responses warrants. 
Also, our definition of "Quality Customer Service" is customer service delivered to your customers so consistently and competitively that the benefits of your customer service are recognized and valued by your customers.

There are three sections to this survey. The first is your professional view of customer service, the second is your personal view and third section is demographic information. Thank you and let's get started.

* 1. Does your organization have a stated customer service strategy?

* 2. What is your organization's primary competitive strategy?

* 4. Which of the following best describes your current job level?

* 5. Measured against your competition, how would your customer service rank?

* 6. Customer service is a mind set and your collective mind set is your culture. How strong is the culture of customer service in your organization?

* 7. Please provide one example -- positive or negative.

* 8. Technology is having an increased impact on the delivery of quality customer service. In the delivery of quality customer service when you first contact an organization do you prefer to speak to a person or an automated system?

* 9. What is your organization's best use of technology in the delivery of customer service? (Briefly describe)

* 10. How does your organization capture and report customer satisfaction information? (i.e. How do you know if you are doing well and who gets the reports?)

* 11. There are different types of customers. For the customers below, do you have a strategy for engagement and delivery of quality customer service to this customer set?

  Yes No
External Customers
Vendor Customers (Suppliers)
Regulatory Customers (Bankers, Govt. Regulators, etc.)
Internal Customers (Team Members)
Partner Customers (Collaborators)