The Town of Pulaski and supporting organizations in Pulaski are working to bring new businesses to the downtown Main Street commercial area of Pulaski. The following survey will help the town to understand the types of shopping and activities that residents would most like to see in downtown Pulaski. The survey will ask you about yourself and your shopping preferences, and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

For more information about the survey or the project to improve downtown Pulaski, please contact Patrick O’Brien at the New River Valley Regional Commission ( or Nichole Hair at the Town of Pulaski (

1. Please enter your email address for a chance to win a raffle giveaway prize. Only completed, submitted surveys will be entered into the drawing.

2. Age

3. Gender

4. Residence - What is the zip code where you currently live?

5. If employed full-time or part-time, do you work in Pulaski?

6. When you think of your favorite shopping area, please rate the following qualities that you feel are important. 

  Very important Somewhat important Neutral Not very important Not important at all
A variety of products and services
Quality of products and services
The look and feel of a business area
Friendly customer service
Independent stores over chains
Shopping after 5pm on weekdays
Shopping on weekends
Convenient parking
Safety (personal, pedestrian and transportation)

7. Choose up to 10 potential businesses would you be likely use if they were to open in Downtown Pulaski?

8. Out of the businesses chosen in the previous question, rank the top 5 you would most like to see in Downtown Pulaski with 1 being most desirable and 5 being least desirable.

9. Please mark the right hand column if you purchase these goods in Downtown Pulaski. If you do not shop in Downtown Pulaski for the following goods, indicate the primary reason why you shop elsewhere from the choices below. (leave blank if you do not purchase) Mark ONE reason for each store type.

  Selection Convenient location Quality Price Hours I shop in downtown Pulaski
Art dealers
Automotive Parts
Building Materials/Hardware
Electronics /Computer
Farmers Market
Furniture / Appliance
Gifts (including florists, jeweler, etc.)
Musical instruments
Optical goods
Personal Care ( Spa Products / Cosmetics)
Specialty food (health, natural, etc)
Sporting goods

10. To what extent do the following advertising media influence your shopping decisions?

  A lot Some Little or none
Circulars or flyers
Local newspapers
Local radio
Local weekly “shoppers”
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
Yellow pages

11. Choose 5 services you would support in downtown Pulaski.

12. Out of the 5 services chosen in the previous question, rank those 5 choices with 1 being most desirable and 5 being least desirable.

13. Choose 5 events/activities that you would most support in downtown Pulaski.

14. Out of those 5 events/activities chosen in the previous question, rank those 5 choices with 1 being most desirable and 5 being least desirable.

15. How likely is it that you would recommend downtown Pulaski to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely
Extremely likely
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100% of survey complete.