Would you use a public tap to obtain nonchlorinated water?

Some members of the community would like to see unchlorinated supply-points that they could use for collecting drinking water.

To meet this request we could install taps and filtration units in central community locations throughout the district.

The basic installation costs for each tap and filter would be in the region of $2,000. Annual maintenance would be approximately $1,000 but could be more if the usage was substantial.

Funding to meet these costs would be added to the local Targeted Ward Rates.

We are very keen to hear your feedback on this proposal. 

* 1. Do you support HDC installing a public water tap in your local community?

* 2. Would you use a public water tap if it was available?

* 3. If you would use a public water tap, in which township/village would you prefer to have it located?