PVTA is facing a $3.1 million deficit for its budget starting July 1st 2018 due to cuts to public transportation in the State Budget.  This will result in cutting services and increasing fares.  These changes will impact many people in Springfield!


This anonymous survey will help us understand how these changes will impact our community and advocate at the State and Local levels for the funds to be reinstated.

* 1. Do you use public transportation?

* 2. How often do you use public transportation?

* 3. Do you depend on public transportation?

* 4. If you answered yes to the last question - How long have you been dependent on public transportation?

* 5. I use public transportation to (choose all that apply)

* 6. What route(s) do you use?

* 7. Will the cuts in services make it harder for you to get where you need/want to go?

* 8. Will the increase in bus fare make it harder for you to afford public transportation?

* 9. Do you, or someone in your life who is over 60 years, use paratransit services (i.e., ADA or Senior Van Services)?

* 10. Will the increase in paratransit fares (including the premium fare outside the ¾ mile zone make it harder for you or this other person to afford this service?

*Paratransit service is provided throughout the Pioneer Valley within ¾ mile of a fixed route. Previously, any paratransit service beyond ¾ mile was not charged an additional fee.

* 11. Do you, or someone in your life who is over 60 years, depend on Senior Van Services to travel to a non-PVTA member community (e.g., Southampton, Endfield, Whately, South Deerfield)?

* 12. Do you or someone in your life who is over 60 years use Senior Van Services, specifically to go to an adult day health center?