Starting early March 2018, Peterborough Transit will have a Community Bus Route that will serve malls, grocery stores, seniors’ homes, medical clinics and the hospital.  The community bus is a  new service for people that normally use the Handi-Van and find using the regular bus challenging.  The service will use a mini bus that has no stairs and has seats for 10 to 15 passengers, plus four spots for wheelchairs. The proposed service will be hourly.

Transit users have indicated many places that they would like to go on the Community Bus.  Two routes have been created using this information.  Now, Peterborough Transit would like to know which route would serve you better.

* 1. Which of these places would you go to on the new community bus?  How Often?

  Daily Weekly Monthly Few Times a Year Rarely/Never
Lansdowne Place
Canadian Tire
Hedonics Apartments
Tallwood Apartments
Downtown Peterborough (Option 1 only)
Peterborough Public Health
Mapleridge Recreation Centre (route Option 2 only)
Sherbrooke Heights (Option 2 only)
Canterbury Gardens (Option 2 only)

* 2. There are two route options.  Which one do you prefer?  The first link for each option opens a new window in your internet browser and shows a map of the route with a descriptive voice recording of the route.

* 3. How often do you use the Handi-Van in a typical month?

* 4. How often do you use the regular bus in a typical month?

* 5. What is your home address?

* 6. If you would like to be notified about future transit public consultations, please provide your email address below.