Project number: 1293
Project Title: Spirituality in drug users

I am a student at Bond University conducting research investigating the spirituality in drug users as part of my Honours Degree. I am working under the supervision of Dr. Mike Lyvers, an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology. In this study we are extending on recent research to increase the external validity of past findings.

As part of the study we will be asking you to complete a series of questionnaires on spirituality, empathy, mindfulness, and life values and could take up to an hour to complete. There are no known risks with this type of study.

The study is completely voluntary, and you may withdraw from the study at any time, without any penalty. Any data collected in the study will be reported as group data only and you cannot be personally identified from the data. If you withdraw from the study, the data pertaining to you will not be included in the analysis or reporting of the study.

Your participation in this study will help us understand the relationship between drugs and spirituality. By taking the time to sign this consent form you are acknowledging that you have read and understood this explanatory statement and you are aware of your right to withdraw from the study at any time. You are under no obligation to participate in this study, but your participation will be greatly appreciated.

The study is conducted in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Councils (NHMRC) Australian Code for the responsible conduct of Research (2007). No findings which could identify any individual participant will be published. In accordance with those principles and the ethics body of our university, access to the raw data from this study is restricted to myself (researcher) and my supervisor. Data will be stored for five years as prescribed by the university regulations.

If you have any complaints about the conduct of this research please contact the University ethics officer Caroline Carstens via email at buhrec@bond.edu.au or by phone on 5595 4194.

Student: Molly Meester

Supervisors: Dr. Mike Lyvers

Contact Details: Phone: 5595 2565, Fax: 5595 2565