This survey about mental imagery is being conducted by Professor Jon May at the University of Plymouth.

Consent Agreement: Please read the following before continuing: Your answers will be handled anonymously and your name will not be recorded with your data. All results will be aggregated and reported as totals or averages. Individual responses will not be identifiable. You have the right to decline answering any of the questions or to withdraw from the experiment altogether, without penalty. In which case, your data will be destroyed and will not be included in the analyses of participant data or included in the results. At the end of the survey you will find a link that you can use to contact me with any questions you might have. If you want to stop completing the survey at any point, you can simply close the browser window by selecting the icon on the top-right hand side of your screen labelled ‘Exit this Survey’, with a left-click of your mouse. If you are happy to continue, then please select the appropriate option below. Thank you for taking part.

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