1. Have you ever applied for a Psi Chi grant as a graduate student?

2. Would you like to see Psi Chi offer scholarships for graduate study?

3. Would you like to see Psi Chi offer scholarships for graduate study if it caused fewer research grants and awards to be offered?

4. If a scholarship was offered, please rank the importance of each element from the most to least important factor that should influence the reviewers' application rankings.

  Most Important Neutral Least Important
Academic Achievement (GPA)
Letters of Recommendation
Program of Study
Service to Psi Chi
Financial Need
Minority Status

5. Please enter any comments or suggestions about scholarships that you would like the Board to consider.

6. Would you like for Psi Chi to increase the number of graduate research awards offered?

7. De research awards need to have a cash prize to be attractive (as opposed to recognition and a plaque)?

8. Do you prefer a research contest with one winner receiving a larger prize or with several places so that more students are recognized?

9. What do you feel is an appropriate cash prize for a research contest?

10. Do you currently travel to present papers and/or posters at conferences and/or meetings?

11. Does lack of funding ever prevent you from traveling to present at conferences and/or meetings?

12. How many times have you had a paper and/or poster accepted for presentation and had to withdraw due to lack of funding to attend the conference?

13. If Psi Chi offered travel funding for graduate students to attend any psychological conference, how far in advance of travel would you be able to apply for funding?

14. How much total travel funding is needed to attend a conference?

15. Would you like to see more awards or grants offered for collaboration with Psi Beta chapters? (Psi Beta is the psychology honor society for 2-year colleges.)

16. How many Psi Chi awards and grants program applications have you submitted?

17. If you have not submitted an application for the Psi Chi awards and grants program, what was the main reason?

18. If you have not submitted, please select all the reasons that you have not applied (Select all that apply).

19. Which organizations would you like to see Psi Chi develop programs with? Please do not list abbreviations by completely spell out the organization’s name (for example, Society for Research on Child Development, Psychonomic Society).

20. Do you find it objectionable for Psi Chi to use corporate sponsors for its programs?

21. Do you find it objectionable for Psi Chi to use non-psychology affiliated sponsors for its programs?

22. Please enter any comments here that you would like to Board of Directors to know about the current awards and grants program.

23. What is your current status?