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The NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) wants to develop an effective communication strategy to convey important information to our NH Medicaid Providers on the Care Management Program and other DHHS initiatives.

To inform our strategy, DHHS asks you to tell us the preferred approaches and methods for communicating information to your organization. This survey will take approximately 5 -7 minutes to complete.

Please note: These questions are intended to elicit responses for communications intended exclusively for NH Medicaid providers.

DHHS looks forward to incorporating your responses into communication strategies that will continue to support and encourage DHHS’s collaboration with NH Medicaid providers.

Please forward this survey to colleagues that are NH Medicaid providers so that DHHS receives feedback from a broad array of partners throughout the state.

* 1. Enter the zip code for the location of your organization

* 4. Do you currently receive any type of informational update from DHHS?