How can we help?

Let us help you choose which propaganda techniques may be most prevalent in your life. You will be asked a series of four to five questions to help us determine which propaganda techniques are relevant to your answers. Your name or personal information will not be asked for or stored in anyway. You can press the Back button during any time to change your selections. 

You may press Next at this time to begin the questionnaire, or read a little further for an understanding of how we determine results.

The propaganda techniques that appear on the final page of the survey are suggested techniques to be on guard for. For example, let us say that you work in customer service and deal with impatient customers. One of the propaganda techniques we suggest one read more about is "Not Drawing the Line". This technique happens when the existence of differences are denied because the differences seem small and unimportant. This should not imply that an impatient customer is definitively using the "Not Drawing the Line" technique. Instead, it is a technique that we recommend understanding in-case an impatient customer were to use this technique. The suggested techniques may directly or indirectly relate to your given choices, but in either case we highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the handful of techniques that appear at the end of the survey for you. 

If you wish to learn more on any given technique, you will be taken to the Propaganda Game website upon clicking any technique image or "Learn More" link on the final page - where you will find a thorough definition of the technique in question, examples of the techniques, and have access to our Single Player Game. Over 4,000 examples await to test your expertise in various areas of propaganda. Membership and Single Player Game are 100 percent free (valid email address is our only requirement). After a basic understanding of the Propaganda Game - become an Author and submit your own examples to add to an ever growing database.