Please email the following required documents to after completing your

Cover Letter
Unofficial High School or College Transcript
Letter of Recommendation

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. Do you have a car?

* 3. If no, how will you commute to Santa Monica College in the evening and to internships, career
development workshops, meetings with your mentor and industry networking events?

* 4. Highest Level of Education completed:

* 5. Are you enrolled in college?

* 6. If Yes, what is the name of the college or university you are currently enrolled in?

* 7. If no, what are your educational goals?

* 8. Have you declared your major or minor?

* 9. If Yes, please list your major and minor:

* 10. Have you participated in any education and/or certificate programs administered by a non-profit
organization, private company or university extension program?

* 11. If yes, please provide the Organization, Program and Year of participation:

* 12. Please describe your experience, what you learned and how Promo Pathway fits into your educational
and career plans?

* 13. On a scale from 1-5, how do you rate your technical proficiency in the following software?
(note: technical experience not required for program selection)

  not at all proficient somewhat proficient proficient highly proficient expert
Avid Media Composer
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Adobe Premier Pro

* 14. Please provide a link (Youtube or Vimeo only) to your creative reel or portfolio that demonstrates your skills in editing, design, writing and/or effect (optional).

* 15. What are your sources of inspiration? Who are your favorite writers? Filmmakers? Showrunners?
What do you enjoy most about storytelling?

* 16. What books, magazines, websites and/or social media feeds are you reading or following now?

* 17. Briefly describe your work history, past responsibilities and accomplishments.

* 18. Tell us your story in 150 words.

* 19. What do you love about the television industry?

* 20. What is your favorite television network? What shows do you love to watch and why?

* 21. What motivated you to apply to Promo Pathway? Why at this time in your educational and/or
professional career?

* 22. Describe a peak experience in your life, career and or education. What did you learn about yourself in
that experience?

* 23. Describe a challenging moment in your life. What steps did you take to overcome or navigate that
challenge? What did you learn about yourself?

* 24. What are your short and long-term career goals? What steps have you taken to reach your goals? What obstacles have you overcome? How may Promo Pathway help you achieve your goals?