Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Project SUCCESS in the development of model classrooms throughout the state of Indiana. Project SUCCESS staff will select 3 model classroom locations, which will accompany the seven current model classroom sites. Please complete this quick and informational survey, which will be utilized by our stakeholders to determine site locations and model classrooms. Please complete the survey by Friday, February 22, 2019 for consideration.
If selected as a Project SUCCESS model site, please plan to have team members attend the 1st Annual Model Site Summit on Wednesday, March 13, 2019 at Forest Manor Professional Development Center (Indianapolis). During the summit, our existing model sites will present stories from their year as a model site, share successes and challenges, and offer tips and strategies for working with students with significant disabilities. This is not mandatory, but we strongly encourage you to attend in order to connect with other model sites.

Goals of Model Classrooms
  • Provide onsite guidance to other teachers who utilize the Content Connectors in instruction
  • Collaborate with teachers, answer teacher questions, and model best practice through onsite visits, webinars, and recorded instructional videos
  • Demonstrate best practice in the areas of unpacking Content Connectors, instruction, supporting student communication, formative assessment, lesson development, and intentional inclusive practices
Benefits of Being Selected as a Model Classroom
  • Regular collaboration with Project SUCCESS with formative feedback
  • Intensive and direct assistance implementing best practices in the classroom, including instruction aligned to Content Connectors, supporting student communication, formative assessment, lesson plan development, and intentional inclusive practices
  • Collaboration with other model schools and teachers 
  • Build capacity to provide guidance to educators within your region
Requirements of Model Sites:
  • Development of school team. We recommend that the school create a team to include the following:
    • Classroom Teacher (model classroom)
    • Special Education Director or designated leader (coordinator, building principal, etc.)
    • General Education Teacher
    • Speech and Language Pathologist
    • Related Services Staff
    • Paraeducators 
Please contact Mary at mbakerboudissa@pcgus.com with any questions.