10 Quick Questions About Parenting Advice

We are interested to find out about parenting advice, how you get it and what you think of the support that is currently available, plus who you think are good parenting role models.
The data collected will be completely anonymous. We will be using the results for information and PR purposes.

* 2. Do you live near family?

* 3. Do you ask your own parents for parenting advice?

* 4. Who do you turn to first for parenting advice?

* 5. Do you ever avoid asking for parenting advice on your own social media sites (Facebook / Twitter etc...)?

* 6. Do you think the majority of parenting websites and forums are geared towards...?

* 7. Do you think there is enough support available for...?

  Yes No

* 8. What is the best bit of parenting advice you have received?

* 9. Have you been given unsolicited parenting advice from a stranger?

* 10. Who in the public eye do you think is a good parenting role model?

Thank you so much for helping us with our survey!