Tell us about your independent local news publication.

Project Oasis, a collaboration between LION Publishers, UNC-Chapel Hill, Douglas K. Smith, and the Google News Initiative, is building a publicly available database of local, independent, digitally native news publications in the U.S. and Canada.

The database will include key data about online publishers and their products, revenue mix and audience reach and impact. Information you provide as part of the survey will be presented in the public database. We've indicated in the survey which data will identify you when included in the public database and which data will be anonymized and/or aggregated before it is included in the public database.

Our goal is to help more entrepreneurs create and sustain local, independent, digitally native news publications, and your input will be critical in helping us ensure the resources we develop are as useful to you as possible.

This survey will take about 20 minutes, and we will share a link to the completed database with you, so you can learn more about your industry peers.

As a thank you, if you complete this survey by April 30, you'll be entered to win either a free registration to the 2020 LION Summit for independent news publishers in Seattle or one-on-one time with local news consultants through LION's newly created LION Expert Network.

Learn more about Project Oasis here.

If you have questions about this survey, please email:
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