* 1. Which topics are you interested in hearing about and in which setting? Please choose one for each topic.

  Divisional Town Hall Branch Meeting Unit Meeting
MOHLTC corporate initiatives and ministry priorities (Provide examples e.g. Health System Funding Reform, Health Links, Employee Engagement and Inclusion, etc.)
Learning and career development opportunities
Training events attended by colleagues/senior management
Branch update and alignment with ministry priorities
Division update and alignment with ministry priorities
Update on Government initiatives, mandate, and priorities
Health care system issues and trends
Legislation and regulations (e.g. changes and introductions of new bills)
Health and wellness activities/opportunities
OPS corporate initiatives
Awards and recognition
Recognition of personal events/milestones of colleagues
Charity events
Senior management de-brief;meetings/consultations with key stakeholders
Updates to Administrative processes and standards (e.g. FOI processes, TPFP performance, correspondence with ministers, briefing note processes, etc)