(Direct all inquires to the Research Leader, Wynne Lacey at wynne@wynningteams.com | 630.881.3052)

Hello! As a former professional dancer/cheerleader, I have wondered whether other women in the profession have had similar experiences. Surprisingly, there is very little research on the topic. Partnering with Professor Laura Grindstaff (UC-Davis) we decided to conduct some research and devised a short survey, designed to elicit some basic information about the experience of being a performer/ambassador in professional sports. We are especially interested in what patterns might emerge from the survey. The survey takes 5 minutes to complete, and all responses will be anonymous. We thank you in advance for your participation!

* 1. You acknowledge that you currently are or have been a professional sports performer (cheerleader, dancer or ambassador) who received payment in exchange for your work representing a professional sports team. What league(s) are/were you a part of? Check all that apply:

* 2. What motivates/motivated you to become a professional sports performer? Check all that apply:

* 3. What are you learning or did you learn from being a professional sports performer? Check all that apply:

* 4. What level of competition among teammates do/did you experience on your team?

* 5. What level of support among teammates do/did you experience on your team?

* 6. Do/did you feel a sense of female empowerment being a part of professional sports entertainment performance?

* 7. How comfortable are you with the fact that your physical appearance is/was at the center of your job responsibilities?

* 8. Overall, is/was having your physical appearance at the center of your job responsibilities a positive or negative experience for you?

* 9. Do/did you feel prepared for what you encountered as a rookie on the team?

* 10. When you retired, did you feel prepared to leave the spotlight and celebrity status that often accompanies being a professional sports performer?

* 11. Do you feel that most of the skills you gained/are gaining as a professional sports performer transfer to your regular life and career aspirations?

* 12. Did you become a different kind of performer, coach/director, choreographer, or staff member in professional sports in some capacity after you left the team?

* 13. Would you be interested in having a more in-depth conversation about any of the questions raised in this survey?