We're looking forward to welcoming you on a privately organized Rouge National Urban Park guided outing.

Please let us know some details to help us work with you.

When would you like to come to Rouge National Urban Park? Please provide at least 2 date options, with times. Please make your date at least 3 weeks from today, to allow time to discuss the outing plan and confirm the date with you.

Group Name:

Lead Contact First Name:

Lead contact Last Name:

Lead contact email address:

Lead contact mobile phone:

Back up contact number (i.e. school office)

Total number in the group and grade or age range; for school/faith/community groups, split number of youth and number of supervising adults. Please note; your group must have a minimum 15 confirmed participants.

Please tell us about your group.

A guided outing averages 2.5 hours. We may include a 45 minute lunch break upon request. If we're walking, distance will be 3-5km. Is that OK? Please share your idea if it is different.

Please choose 1 or 2 themes you'd like for your outing. We will prepare plans with you.

If there are participants with special needs or special needs requirements for your group, please specify.

We ask that your group commits to coming out rain, shine or snow and dress for the weather conditions. This in the spirit of rolling with the weather and recognizing the efforts of the leaders joining you.

Our team is prepared to adapt to just about any situation. There’s still a lot to see either way!

We can provide details on how to get ready for the trail, for a safe and enjoyable outing. For example, full coverage boots instead of shoes are recommended any time of year.

Rouge National Urban Park Private Outings have a per participant fee of $5.00 for a 2.5 hour outing. A longer day request will have an appropriate incremental fee.

We understand that things come up and you may need to cancel. Please let us know as soon as you can if this is the case.

However, if you cancel the walk within 48 hours before the outing, the contribution amount for the outing we be half your confirmed number of participants.

In less favourable weather we can amend the program. Only in cases of extreme weather or other unsafe conditions at the start of the hike, would Rouge Park cancel the walk. In this case, a 'rain date' in lieu may be possible.

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