1. Welcome, Global Citizens!

Welcome to the Project Global Citizen Scholarship pre-registration application page. This is where you can pre-register for a Project Global Citizen Scholarship to attend future 8-week programs.
Here's why you might decide to pre-register:
  • You were unable to attend an earlier Scholarship held in your location.
  • You missed out on an earlier Scholarship held in your location, and want to be on the top of the list for the next program.
  • You would like a Project Global Citizen program to be held in your location in the near future. (Your application will help us raise this request with your local educational institution, so well done on being pro-active!)

In case you've arrived at this online application without having read about the eligibility requirements, assessment criteria and application process, we recommend you visit the Project Global Citizen website before proceeding.

This application form takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. You can go back to earlier questions if you need to revise your answers as long as you don't exit this application form. However, if you do need to close this application form mid-way through, your answers will not be saved. Therefore, we recommend backing up your answers in a separate Word document if you're unable to complete this application in one take.

Be sure to answer all the questions as skipping questions decreases your chances of being selected to participate in the Project Global Citizen program.

Let’s begin!

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