The role and responsibilities of the preceptor is to support and develop the skills of the preceptee through teaching, coaching, supervising and role modeling. In these roles, the preceptor works in partnership with the preceptee in order to support them in the learning process over a specific period of time. While components of the learning process may be delivered by other members of the team, the designated lead preceptor is responsible for mentoring, setting goals, appraising work performance and addressing issues that may arise.

You may have been assigned to more than one preceptor during your NEAETC preceptorship. In order for the program to continually make improvements, your feedback on your experience is very important. Please complete one evaluation for each of the main preceptors you worked with during your preceptorship (e.g. if you had 3 different preceptors, please complete 3 different evaluations). All information you provide will be kept completely confidential and only staff involved in managing and evaluating the program from NEAETC will have access to any identifying information. Any feedback to the site will be done in a way to ensure confidentiality. If you have any questions, please call NEAETC at 617-262-5657.