Degress offered at MCCC:

Degress offered at MCCC:<br><br>

* 2. Please indicate how many credits you want to take. Please note, 1 credit typically is equal to 1 hour of class per week and 2 hours of studying outside of class per week, which is recommended for successful completion of attempted credits.

* 3. How many hours will you work while attending MCCC?

* 4. Do you plan to transfer to a four-year institution?

* 5. Have you earned any college credits? Please select all that apply.

* 8. Which semester will you begin at the College?

* 9. What campus do you plan on taking your classes?

* 10. What degree do you plan on pursuing?

* 11. Student ID # (found in your acceptance letter)

* 12. First Name

* 13. Last Name

* 14. What is your preferred phone number?