1. Professional Development Questionnaire - "Before and After"

As part of the "Regional Data Initiatives" (RDI) project, you will be receiving access to data analysis tools to provide real-time access to student data at the classroom level as well as professional development in the use of data to improve instruction. To evaluate the effectiveness of this professional development session, you will be asked to enter your name and school-issued e-mail address to match the "before and after" questionnaires. Your individual responses will be used only by the evaluator to match the data and will remain confidential. Thank you. If you have questions about this questionnaire, please contact XXXX.

* 1. Please enter the following information about your professional development session.

* 2. When are you taking this survey?

* 3. Please indicate how confident you are in performing the following data-related activities at this point in time:

  Not at all confident Minimally confident Confident, need little support Highly Confident, able to teach others
Use my school's data analysis tools/data warehouse
Use my school's data analysis tools to identify patterns and trends in student achievement data over time (multiple years of data)
Analyze student achievement data to identify individual students' strengths and weaknesses
Differentiate instruction based upon analysis of formative and/or interim assessment data
Use formative and/or interim assessment data to monitor student learning