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I am Pramila Rajendran, MemberCare Coordinator/Consultant, formerly for India Missions Association (IMA), 27 years with OM and also 20 years with WEA Mission Commission. I have led membercare seminars, think tanks and written articles on care. I am very concerned about the care issues for the global leaders who are movers and shakers with heavy responsibilities.

At present, I am the Founding & Managing Trustee of a Trust Global Innovative Voices & Associates [GIVA] & a Company GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Both the Trust & the Company give a vision for the contemporary challenges of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. They also address the mobilisation of new workers and redefine mission and missionaries.

Purpose of the Survey: Survey questions are part of the Phd dissertation on “Contextual Realities in Caring for Global Missional Leaders” from "Indian Institute of Inter Cultural Studies" at Bangalore, India.

My desire is that this research will not only contribute to our understanding of care but to help us as leaders, to be better equipped and care for ourselves and also the care values for upcoming leaders. This research will present a comprehensive picture on the care related issues connected to the leaders across the globe, and will recommend significant solutions to address them.

Suggestions: Please answer all the questions.
Survey will take approximately 13 – 15 minutes to complete. 

Thus I value your input in the survey. The data which you will be sharing with me will be anonymous and your name will not be quoted in the dissertation.

“By taking this survey, you consent to my use of any and all data to analyze the care needs of global leaders.” I might need your email id to follow up with the incomplete responses.

I am grateful to my children Preeti, Pradeep and my husband K. Rajendran in encouraging me to complete my Phd. 

Thank you for taking the survey. 

Pramila Rajendran
MemberCare & Leadership Development 
GIVA [Global Innovative Voices & Associates]
GIVA Inno-Ventures Pvt.Ltd.
Bangalore, India

Email: rajpramilaphd@gmail.com
Phone: +91-8310357826, 9945809311

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Pramila and Dr. K Rajendran

Pramila and Dr. K Rajendran