* 1. Please select the age group to which you belong:

* 2. Gender

* 3. With which denomination are you most closely associated? Please select ONE only:

* 4. To which of the following local Christian stations do you listen most often? Please select ONE only:

* 5. When do you usually listen to your radio station of choice? Please select ALL that apply:

* 6. Which of the following types of radio programmes are of interest to you? Please select ALL that apply:

* 7. Which of the following fields of work or professions are of interest to you? Please select ALL that apply:

* 8. If you are a committed Christian, which ONE of the following was most influential in your commitment?

If you listen to Praise 87.9, please answer the following questions:

* 9. Select the Praise programmes to which you regularly listen. Please select ALL that apply:

* 10. Check the box below that best describes your feelings about music generally played on Praise 87.9. Check ONE answer only, please:

* 11. If a local religious service or other event in which you are interested is being broadcast live on Praise 87.9, are you more likely to:

* 12. How can Praise 87.9 strengthen its programmes?