Conference Interest Ratings

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* 2. Skills retention/training or Crafts Skills Gap tracking

* 3. Bridging the Leadership Skill Gap

* 4. Change management for operational effectiveness / Reliability culture change

* 5. How to communicate operational and reliability improvements to operators

* 6. Oil Sampling Reports & who needs to read them?

* 7. Alignment of Paper Machines

* 8. Is your minor shutdown a major pain? How to stay on time and budget

* 9. KPIs to measure efficiency and Quality

* 10. Troubleshooting techniques (Vibration, infrared, hydraulics, ultrasound,other methods)

* 11. Implementing New Technologies (IoT)

* 12. Operator Essential Care. Un-tapping this essential resource.

* 13. Are your Agitators agitated? (Maintenance/efficiency)

* 14. Root Cause in Action

* 15. Storeroom management

* 16. Other Topics

* 17. Optional: Your personal information is optional, we would appreciate if you could share your company name and country.