Instructions and Consent

Project Background: This survey is being conducted by the National Educational Association of Disabled Students (NEADS) as part of the SDPP-funded “Landscape of Accessibility and Accommodation for Students with Disabilities in Canadian Postsecondary Education" Project. This project specifically addresses the SDPP-D Program objective to: "support the development and utilization of effective approaches to address social issues and challenges." Building on previous NEADS work, including the landmark report of the National Taskforce on the Experience of Graduate Students with Disabilities, Understanding Accessibility in Graduate Education For Students with Disabilities in Canada (2016); Enhancing Accessibility for Disabled Students - A Guide For Service Providers (2012); and, Working Towards a Coordinated National Approach to Services, Accommodations and Policies for Post-Secondary Students With Disabilities (1999), this 18 month project will undertake a thorough examination of the current landscape of accessibility, services, accommodations, technical equipment and supports for students with disabilities at publicly-funded post-secondary institutions across Canada.

The research will occur at the same time as, and is expected to inform, the Government of Canada's consultation on a new federal disability act, under the leadership of Minister Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Sport and Persons With Disabilities.

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Purpose of Survey: We are interested in understanding your views on specific aspects of the Canadian postsecondary education environment.

Confidentiality: All feedback and data that are collected will remain anonymous and completely confidential.

Instructions: There are THREE (3) separate sections to this survey. Section one focuses on your position at the postsecondary institution that you work at/attend. Section two focuses on questions that pertain to your level of agreement on different aspects of accessibility in the postsecondary environment. Section three solicits your general comments with respect to accessibility and inclusion at your postsecondary institution.

Data Collection: Please complete the survey no later than Friday June 16, 2017. We thank you for your participation.

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* 1. Informed Consent: I understand the purposes for which data in this survey are being collected, and agree to my responses being utilized as part of the data collection for the "Landscape of Accessibility and Accommodation" project.